Time for name change in Portland? 

August, 22, 2007
The Portland Beavers are looking for a new name ... or not.

Let me explain. The Beavers -- currently the Padres' Triple-A affiliate in the Pacific Coast League -- have a new owner, and he's looking to make some changes. As he should; though Portland is the biggest market in Triple-A baseball, attendance generally hovers in the bottom half of the league. Part of the "problem" is an old ballpark that nobody except nostalgists like me seem to appreciate. Part of the problem is the weather; although it really doesn't rain as often as you probably think, summer in the Pacific Northwest doesn't really begin until June or even July, at which point the crowds pick up quite a bit. April and May, though, generally are cool and damp.

But there also seems to be a general sort of malaise when it comes to professional baseball in Portland. So ownership is considering a name change, while not committing to anything. Thus, they're asking fans to help choose a name, and one of the options is the old name. Running through the five options (with a condensed version of the explanations) ...