Balkan blues: Serbia sinks lower 

September, 5, 2007
Think the U.S. has had the most underachieving national team in the past half-decade?

Think again. At least the red, white and blue has two bronze medals to show for its efforts in the past two international competitions. Another red, white and blue side doesn't have any -- and it's the country that for the past half-decade has had the most NBA players after the U.S.

With Serbia's loss to Israel today in the Eurobasket competition in Spain completing a dismal 0-3 showing in the opening round, they're out of the tournament and disqualified from the 2008 Olympics. To properly convey the level of disappointment here, consider that Serbian coach Zoran Slavnic said before the tournament that if his team didn't finish in the top eight he would go live in Iceland; hope he likes hakarl.