Twins should trade Santana 

September, 13, 2007
Terry Ryan is out as Twins GM, and Bill Smith is in. It's been a rough season for the Twins, but I'm here to help. Ready?

Step 1: Trade Johan Santana. No, it can't happen today and doesn't need to happen before next April. But Santana's going to be worth upwards of $20 million per season on the open market, and we shouldn't be shocked by $25 million; say, $150 million for six years.

The Twins' payroll this season was roughly $72 million. They'll increase that number steadily, and might be in the neighborhood of $100 million in 2010, when they're supposed to move into their new ballpark. Does it really make sense to spend 25 percent of the payroll on one player, however excellent? And a pitcher, no less?