A plan for the winter 

September, 19, 2007
Confession: I'm old. Not hills old. Not Vin Scully old. Not even Greg Maddux old (he's got a couple of months on me). But old enough where it's not easy for me to see old things in new ways.

That said, I'm trying. And when I've got some time this winter, I'm going to try harder. Because one of my special interests is pitching, and between Carlos Gomez and John Walsh, there's some brilliantly innovative work being done in this area. Gomez, as I've mentioned many times, is doing his best to make video analysis accessible for all of us. And Walsh is doing some fascinating stuff with the movement of pitches, thanks to MLB's PITCHf/x data. Today, as a sort of capper on a great season, Walsh offers a Pitch Identification Tutorial that includes graphical representations of the pitches thrown by many of the more interesting pitchers in the majors.