Boras knows what he's doing 

September, 24, 2007
I don't have any idea if some prospective owner of the Cubs talked to Scott Boras and the possibility of Alex Rodriguez winding up with an ownership stake was discussed. Sure, that's what New York magazine says. But Boras has denied the story, and anyway, it would present all sorts of problems if true: In the first place, it's tampering, and in the second place, it seems that MLB's rules prohibit not only player ownership, but also a negotiation for future ownership.

So it's a nothing story. Except...

Except Scott Boras' name almost never shows up accidentally. He might tell you that he's not as smart as you think, but the truth is that he's almost always the smartest guy in the room. This story, just like all the other stories in which Boras is quoted, or is rumored to have been quoted, spring from the mind of a master manipulator of a credulous sporting media.