Arenas keeps it on the level 

September, 24, 2007
Over my 12 years of covering the NBA, I've come across several players who just don't get it. They think that scoring 20-something points and having a sneaker with their name on it makes them a superstar. They think that gaudy statistics and customized kicks put them on the level of the Kobes, the LeBrons, the Duncans, the Wades and the Nashes. They don't realize that stars are made by stats, but immortals are made by winning (and stats, too. Let's be honest).

So it was with great interest that I sat down with Gilbert Arenas last week in New York City. In the past two or three years, Arenas has proven he can put on a heck of a show. Few individual players are more fun to watch, which says a lot considering Agent Zero's not a skywalker.

I wanted to know, "Is he satisfied with that, or does he realize there's another level? Does he think he's reached the pinnacle, or does he know he's got a ways to go?''