Piniella unfairly criticized 

October, 4, 2007
Well, the reviews are in, and it looks like Lou Piniella's numbers are even worse than Good Luck Chuck's.

At least in the Chicago papers. In the Sun-Times, Jay Mariotti still thinks Piniella is "a baseball Yoda" and he still thinks the Cubs will win the series.

But Wednesday night, in his first playoff game with the Cubs, Piniella tried to win Game 4 of the National League Divisional Series before winning Game 1. And his strategy, for the first time in weeks, flopped at the absolute wrong time. It's tough to criticize a manager who has faith in set-up man Carlos Marmol, one of the league's best relievers with the requisite numbers to show, but it's easier to wonder what on earth Lou is thinking when starter Carlos Zambrano was in control of his emotions and his stuff and yet was yanked after six innings and a mere 85 pitches.