Hillman could be good hire for K.C. 

October, 23, 2007
Yesterday the Royals introduced their new manager to Kansas City. Even before then, Joe Posnanski was giddy:

Here's the biggest reason why I love the hiring of Trey Hillman as manager of the Kansas City Royals: This should work. The key word here is "should." For so many years now, we have watched the Royals make a whole lot of decisions that left you muttering, at best, "Well, I guess, maybe, that could work." ...

Friday, that all changed. There's no telling if Trey Hillman will win championships in Kansas City. There's no telling how successful he will be as the Royals manager. But here's the big thing: This time the Royals got the No. 1 guy. They got the hottest managing prospect around. They got a 44-year-old man who has been chosen the Yankees' minor-league manager of the year three times, who has won a championship in Japan and is on the cusp of another, who has worked in scouting, development, coaching management, you name it, who has wowed just about everybody in the game.