Schilling sticks with Red Sox 

November, 7, 2007
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Curt Schilling knew what he wanted. There was no third-party agent involved whose interests and publicity could be part of the equation, so Schilling had his ideas, the Red Sox had theirs, and the deal happened quickly and easily.

"This is what we wanted," Schilling e-mailed Tuesday morning. "This is where we wanted to be. There truly isn't a dollar value that can be put to being home and taking your kids to school in the morning, not to mention working with and for people you love and respect."

So instead of trying to squeeze every last penny out of some desperate owner in the National League Central or spending weeks bleeding out a public melodrama, Schilling settled for the $8 million deal with incentives, some of which involve conditioning, to which he consented. This is admirable, because there isn't anyone who cares about the game who still doesn't have a hangover from the vile announcement of the A-Rod opt-out as Jon Lester closed out the World Series. Schilling focused on issues that give some agents heartburn: family, team, winning, his place in history. He even slapped himself on his blog by asserting he needed to have the weigh-in clauses.