Wright shouldn't move for A-Rod 

November, 9, 2007
It's not hard to understand the lure of Alex Rodriguez's siren song. Ten years from now, he might have outhomered Barry Bonds, approached Pete Rose's hit record and be regarded as one of the greatest players who ever lived. It's not hard to know why Scott Boras engaged the Mets in discussions; he wouldn't be representing Alex if he didn't try to get another New York team in on the last waltz.

But it is hard to understand what the Mets were thinking when they treated their best player as if he were Damion Easley. Move David Wright to second base? Puh-leaze. Not only did he win the Gold Glove at third this season, but he's never played second base, even going back to AAU ball when Ryan Zimmerman had to switch to second because Wright was the third baseman. Left field? Absurd. Wright is, along with Zimmerman, one of the two best defensive third basemen in the National League. And while A-Rod is very good, his range factor was below that of Miguel Cabrera.

Is Wright ever going to be a 50-home run hitter? Probably not, especially at Shea Stadium. But look at Wright's career offensive numbers compared to A-Rod's through age 24: