Friday Filberts 

November, 16, 2007
• According to Alan Schwarz, Alex Rodriguez's current negotiations with the Yankees bear a strange resemblance to his negotiations with the Mariners more than 14 years ago. In both cases, Rodriguez seems to have tired of Scott Boras' bellicosity, but it's worth noting that (1) Boras still is Rodriguez's agent, and (2) A-Rod isn't exactly destitute. Sounds like a beautiful friendship.

• ShysterBall isn't a criminal lawyer, but he's smart and he's read the Bonds indictment. His take: "This is a face-saving indictment designed to allow the investigators and the U.S. Attorney to say they did their job. They got the indictment (note: a U.S. Attorney can get an indictment on anyone for just about anything). If and when Bonds walks, they will blame a Bonds friendly San Francisco jury pool, and it will be done."

• BP's Nate Silver has come up with a park factor model for the Nationals' new palace -- open for business next spring -- and he thinks it'll be neutral. Roughly speaking, of course. As Silver notes, this should do wonders for Ryan Zimmerman. In his short career with the Nats, he's batted .309 in road games, but only .252 at home. Now he's going to be a .300 hitter with power and Gold Glove-quality defense, and everybody's going to realize how good he really is.