Glavine returning to Braves is good 

November, 19, 2007
Is anyone not thrilled to see Tom Glavine back with the Braves?

Glavine says he's going to play for just one more season, and it'll be good to see him in an Atlanta uniform again. He's taking a financial hit, too. Not a big one. He could have remained a Met and earned $13 million in 2008. The Braves are going to pay him $8 million, plus the Mets owe him $3 million as a sort of parting gift. So he's cost himself $2 million.

Five years ago, the Mets signed Glavine away from the Braves, who wanted to keep him. There were some hard feelings then. According to John Schuerholz -- who devotes nine pages of his book to the subject -- the Braves didn't retain Glavine because they wouldn't guarantee a fourth year on his next contract, and the Mets would. The Braves, understandably enough, were worried about Glavine's durability. So they offered to guarantee three years, with the fourth being tacked on if he pitched enough innings in the third year.