Deal looks good for Lakers 

November, 20, 2007
Orlando's trade for Brian Cook and Maurice Evans Tuesday is quite interesting, not so much for the significance of the players involved as for what it means about where the teams are headed. The trade sent the duo from L.A. to Orlando for Trevor Ariza, a high-flying wing player who is only 21 years old and has a great future as an energy guy in the Ruben Patterson mold.

From L.A.'s perspective, this deal was a no-brainer. They give up two guys who weren't playing while adding a true 3 -- a position the Lakers needed to bolster. And Ariza is another athletic young player who can become part of the nucleus headed by Farmar-Turiaf-Bynum if and when Kobe Bryant finally gets a new address. In terms of value this was a deal they couldn't pass up -- Ariza's upside is far greater than Cook's, and Evans was disposable.

So why'd Orlando do this? Two reasons, both of which make sense.