Consider Raines' numbers for HOF 

November, 28, 2007
The new Hall of Fame ballots have been sent to the voters, and soon we're going to start seeing a lot of arguments for and against. I've made my feelings pretty clear over the years: if I were enfranchised, I would vote for Tim Raines, Bert Blyleven, Goose Gossage and Alan Trammell. Jim Rice is borderline; Jack Morris is not.

More on them later, I'm sure (if you just can't wait, I agree with this guy about Rice and this one about Morris). Right now, though, I do want to mention one more thing ...

Raines was a great player. He's not going to be elected, mostly because he was overshadowed by Rickey Henderson and because one of his two key skills -- getting on base and scoring runs -- is undervalued by Hall of Fame voters. Frankly, the people who think Raines belongs in the Hall of Fame are the same people who think David Wright probably got jobbed in the NL MVP voting this past season. And most of us don't get to vote for either honor, which is why Wright finished fourth and Raines won't be listed on more than 35 percent of the Hall of Fame ballots.