Beinfest knows what he wants 

December, 3, 2007
Everyone knows what it will take to get Miguel Cabrera from the Marlins: three or four good young players with 0-3 years service time. Now, I do not know why the Angels were willing to at least talk about trading Howie Kendrick and now may have had second thoughts; owner Artie Moreno may have misunderstood how trade discussions were progressing. But I do know that Marlins general manager Larry Beinfest's modus operandi is to identify what he wants and try to build the deal.

When Beinfest knew he had to trade Josh Beckett, he knew he wanted Hanley Ramirez, and in a matter of days the trade was consummated. So, now, as he goes to trade one of the most dangerous and prolific hitters in the game, Beinfest knows what he wants, and the Angels should know Beinfest and what it would take. Oh, the Angels have talked to the Orioles about Miguel Tejada and have been told Jered Weaver and Brandon Wood would work, but Cabrera makes more sense.

Both Los Angeles teams have what the Marlins want, which is why teams like the White Sox and Rangers, who have discussed Cabrera, are on hold. The Dodgers aren't inclined to trade much young talent, but for a while it appeared the Angels would get the legitimate thunder to put between Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter. Florida has long sought Kendrick. It needs a catcher, hence Jeff Mathis' inclusion in the deal, a pitcher (Nick Adenhart or Ervin Santana) and a lower-level prospect. No longer are the Marlins asking for Adenhart and Santana (just one), and the deal can work. It's that simple.