Red badge of Schilling 

December, 20, 2007
Two good things about the offseason: I have more time for books and movies, and Curt Schilling has a lot more time for blogging. Otherwise, how could he have written 3,676 words about Jose Canseco and Roger Clemens?

It's not easy to blog something that long. Where does one start? Well, let's begin with Schilling's take on Canseco:

As far as Jose goes, my opinion on what he's done is, I guess, rather convoluted. On one hand, Jose lied about every aspect of his professional career as a player. His entire career, all of it, is a sham. He never belonged in the big leagues and anything he ever did in the major leagues is a hoax. He made it clear that he would not have been the player he was had he not cheated. His statistics should be erased, his MVP given to the runner-up, and he should go down as the guy who broke the silence on a horrible period of the game, period. He was never in his life a major league player.