Monday mendozas 

December, 24, 2007
• The big story this weekend was Roger Clemens defending himself, with no middle man this time. Like Curt Schilling, I hope Clemens is sincere, and maybe someday we'll know for sure.

• If you want to know everything about the Josh Hamilton-Edinson Volquez trade, your best bet is the Newberg Report. This doesn't qualify as a "challenge trade" because they don't play the same position, but both Hamilton and Volquez are young and have tremendous upsides, which means either team could look really bad in a few years. Of course, both players also have tremendous question marks. Volquez is a pitcher, which is scary enough, but he's also hit some bumps along the way to the majors. And while everybody mentions Hamilton's drug problems -- he's supposedly been sober for two years now -- his extensive history of injuries is also a red flag. My guess is that neither one becomes a big star, but Hamilton would seem to have the better chance.

• Ex-Twin and Yankee Dan Naulty writes about his terrible times with steroids, amphetamines and HGH, and I don't doubt his sincerity. That said, I have to think that plenty of players have used or abused the same drugs and are perfectly glad they did.