What now for the Bulls? 

December, 24, 2007
With the Bulls massively underachieving expectations and reports that some players were bristling at Scott Skiles' approach, it certainly doesn't come as a shock that he was dismissed today -- not even with the Grinch-like timing of the announcement.

However, if you start enumerating reasons why the Bulls have failed to succeed this year, you'll get pretty far down the list before you reach the items that can be pinned on Skiles. To wit:

1. Kirk Hinrich has been awful. It's very hard to pin this on Skiles and very easy to pin it on, um, Hinrich. Skiles called the same plays that gave Hinrich a career year last season, but this season Hinrich has executed them horribly. Always a streaky shooter, he's at 38 percent from the floor, and his turnover ratio is way up, too.