Ranking the best left fielders 

January, 30, 2008
What's the deal with left fielders, anyway? When we looked at first basemen and second basemen and shortstops and third basemen, it was easy to be impressed with the depth of young talent at each position.

Left fielders, though? Yuck. Last year a dozen left fielders posted VORPs higher than 28. Only three of them were in their 20s, and none of those three -- Matt Holliday (75.0), Adam Dunn (45.5) and Carl Crawford (38.0) -- are what you'd call fresh-faced kids. So I think in our question for the best left fielders of the next five years, we'll have to consider a few players in their (early) 30s. Which leaves out Manny Ramirez and Moises Alou, but lets in Pat Burrell and Alfonso Soriano. Below are some candidates for serious consideration (but most of them marginal). Remember, the listed ages are seasonal 2008, while everything else is from 2007 (and if you have a question about the stats, drop me a note in the comments).