The unknown world of prospects 

February, 21, 2008
How hard is prospecting? Geoff Young was leafing through an old book and came across Baseball America's top 10 prospects from the Pacific Coast League, circa 1988:

1. Sandy Alomar Jr. (C, 93 games)
2. Ramon Martinez (RHP, 59 innings)
3. Juan Bell (SS, 73 games)
4. Cameron Drew (OF, 97 games)
5. William Brennan (RHP, 167 innings)
6. Greg Harris (RHP, 160 innings)
7. Mike Devereaux (OF, 109 games)
8. Jerald Clark (OF, 107 games)
9. Lance Johnson (OF, 100 games)
10. Matt Williams (3B, 82 games)

How many of those names do you recognize? I recognize all of them, but I was working for Bill James in 1989 so it was my job to know those things. I suspect that many of you are too young to remember more than two or three of them. Matt Williams became a superstar, Ramon Martinez won 135 games in the majors, and Sandy Alomar got a few at-bats with the Mets last year.