Monday Mendozas 

March, 24, 2008
• So it looks like Chris Capuano is toast. Yovani Gallardo is recovering nicely from knee surgery, but is nonetheless expected to open the season on the DL. And Ben Sheets hasn't started more than 24 games or pitched more than 156 innings since 2004. There's a lot to like about the Brewers, and they've got a better chance than anybody of beating the Cubs. But they're contenders, not favorites.

• Nobody's really taken a fall yet for the Giants' sorry state, and ShysterBall wonders why. Money quote: "Nine out of ten stories you read about the Giants as they embark on what stands to be a historically bad season will be pegged to the absence of Barry Bonds. As you read them, however, you should remember that the true architect of this crumbling edifice was Brian Sabean, whose negligence or ineptness -- or both -- are responsible for his team's sorry state."

(Bonus Shyster: Three good reasons for giving Brandon Inge time at shortstop this month.)