Predicting a Braves-Indians Series 

March, 28, 2008
Predictions have no currency; they are non-fiction, radio-TV shock-jock stuff.

One can spend six weeks roaming spring training and believe that the Braves and Red Sox may well be the best teams in their leagues, but we all know what happens if John Smoltz, Mike Hampton and Chipper Jones get hurt. The Red Sox may be the favorites to win the World Series for the third time in five years (the house postgame show Tuesday opened with "Red Sox Nation's dreams of a 162-0 season are still alive"), but if anything happens to Josh Beckett or Jason Varitek, they, as Dylan once said, ain't goin' nowhere.

Think back to the opening week of 2007. The Diamondbacks and Rockies were coming off the worst records in the National League. By the end of the year, they tied for the most wins in the league, and the very talented Rockies, who had never won more than 83 games, earned their way to the World Series. On Opening Day, the Rays were trying to send Carlos Pena to Durham, but one injury later, he was put on the roster, hit 48 homers and was ninth in the MVP voting.