Monday Mendozas 

April, 21, 2008
• Yet another awesome Cardboard Gods entry (though I suppose its awesomeness for me is largely due to all the personal connections, as Jim Colborn threw the first no-hitter I remember and I also quit playing Ultimate in a hazy sort of depressed self-esteem).

• Before the season I worried that Dusty Baker wouldn't be smart enough to start young, powerful Joey Votto over old, patient Scott Hatteberg. Well, Votto's playing ... and in 17 games he's got three home runs and zero walks (Hatteberg, anyone?). ShysterBall offers the complete list of no-walk guys.

• In the wake of last week's 22-inning game in San Diego, BP's (and Page 2's) Jim Baker takes on the always fascinating subject of multi-stretching.