Wednesday Wangdoodles 

April, 23, 2008
• As David Pinto notes, Manny Corpas has now blown three saves, after blowing only three saves all last season. I like Corpas. I expected him to pitch well this season. But it seems to me that a lot of Rockies fans assumed that all the young players who did so well last year would do roughly as well this year. Which wasn't (and isn't) likely.

• ShysterBall offers a well-reasoned piece about Curt Flood's Hall of Fame candidacy. I'm actually a little bit surprised that this keeps coming up, but it seems like once these things get started they tend to live forever.

This story includes the only photo you're ever likely to see of Albert Pujols trying to nab a guy stealing second base. In other news, the Brewers are still carrying 14 pitchers. About which, the less said the better, probably.