Friday Filberts 

April, 25, 2008
• Missed this initially, but Michael Chabon recently penned an insightful essay tying together Roberto Clemente and Barack Obama. Not to get political or anything.

Rich Aurilia's home run last night accounted for the only run in the game. Good for him. That was Aurilia's first home run of the season. It was also his first run of the season, which is pretty amazing considering last night's game was Aurilia's 21st of the season. What's even more amazing is that Aurilia is the closest thing the Giants have to an everyday first baseman. That's not cool.

• If not for a lousy first baseman -- who, by the way, is going to get somebody killed one of these days -- Brian Bannister would have been working on a perfect game through six innings last night. Everything came apart in the seventh. Meanwhile, the Royals' "offense" continued its free fall. Joe Posnanski has all the details in BannyLog5.