Monday Mendozas 

May, 19, 2008
• I agree with Josh Alper: In all the time it took the umpires to figure what happened last night -- or rather, what didn't happen, costing Carlos Delgado a three-run homer -- they could have just looked at a monitor for 30 seconds and got the call right. Seriously, is this really so difficult? I almost wish the Mets had lost the game by one run, because that might have put a burr under someone's saddle.

• So it looks like Jacque Jones is joining the Marlins. They definitely have outfield problems, and particularly in center field, where Alfredo Amezaga and Cody Ross both have been execrable (as hitters, I mean). I'm not sure Jones is going to help much. He's obviously not the worst player in the world, but he's 33 and he's got a .327 career on-base percentage. Historically he's been at least decent against right-handed pitchers, so I suppose the Marlins will be better if they let him play center field against righties, with Ross playing against lefties and Amezaga coming in for defense when the Marlins have late leads.

• Hey, I like the Rays' proposed new ballpark, too. I hope to see a game there someday. I also hope it's sensibly financed, and that the voters know what they're getting. Too often, citizens don't know more than half the truth, and too often it's because they're ill-served by the local media. Which is why I was heartened to see the St. Petersburg Times ask four stadium experts check the math on the new stadium proposal. Bottom line: the Rays have understated the public cost by $70 million.