What we don't know about Mets 

May, 27, 2008
All we know on the morning after Willie Randolph's vote of confidence is that the Mets are 79-83 in their last 162 games.

But there is so much we don't know because Randolph internalizes so much. We don't know why Carlos Beltran sometimes plays as if he's lost, or why Jose Reyes pressures himself out of focus, or whether the Mets do the things they do because of overrated talent or underappreciation of the expectations that any big East Coast market presents. We don't know the extent of misunderstandings on different levels of Shea Stadium. We know only that the Wilpons and GM Omar Minaya do not want to blame everything on a man who has represented dignity and championships before this managing job, one who endured a 2007 collapse that has left him scarred by a public asterisk.