Church just proving he's human 

May, 31, 2008
We were in the Memphis airport headed for St. Louis for the 2007 season opener, and Jim Edmonds talked about his concussion, how tired he got, how he still couldn't drive a car for two hours without having to pull over and doze.

A few nights later, he was buzzed off the plate, up and in. Later in that game, Edmonds got a hit, and I remember thinking that's why Jim Edmonds is Jim Edmonds, and I'm not. Ryan Church reminded me of my brain injury, an aneurysm suffered in June 2006, and tried to relate our situations. Yeah, I get more tired as I ever did before and will for another couple of years. And I have moments. But I could never step in against Tim Hudson.

"I thought, 'Hey I'm moving around pretty well in the box,'" says Church. "Then I realized he was moving, not me."