Wednesday Wangdoodles 

June, 4, 2008
• First, let me dispense this pearl of brilliance: They can't all come out of the gate like Fernando Valenzuela and Dwight Gooden. Now, some actual analysis: Joba Chamberlan's abbreviated start according to Pitch f/x, by way of Jonathan Hale.

• The good news is that Dontrelle Willis, on the 3rd of June, recorded his first strikeout of the season last night. In fact, he recorded three strikeouts. The bad news is that he also recorded five walks. And a wild pitch. Oh, and the Tigers lost again.

• I wrote about Danny Herrera a couple of weeks ago, but in case you missed it (or have forgotten already) here's a quick refresher course. Why bother? Because Herrera made his major league debut last night. Even better, he pitched a scoreless inning.