Piniella's all about winning 

June, 9, 2008
There is one thing that I will never forget about Lou Piniella. Not Jerry Remy's single bouncing into his glove, or kicking his hat, or taking the Mariners to 116 wins. But the one play that defines him.

It was, of course, the 1978 playoff game between the Yankees and Red Sox at Fenway Park. Sixth inning, 2-0 Boston, two on, two out, Fred Lynn hitting against a struggling Ron Guidry. Piniella saw Thurman Munson call for a fastball and set up inside. He knew Guidry's fastball was tired at the end of his 25-3 season. He'd seen Carl Yastrzemski pull that inside fastball for a home run inside the right-field foul pole earlier. And as Guidry prepared to throw the pitch, Piniella took six or eight steps toward the right-field foul line.