Monday Mendozas 

June, 30, 2008
Oh, the humanity! Update: Final Edition ... Friday, the American League trounced the National League 10-3. Saturday, the Nationals topped the Americans 7-6. Sunday, the AL trumped the NL 8-6. So the final tally for 2008? Junior Circuit 149, Senior Circuit 102. Well, nearly final; the Yankees and Pirates owe us one more game on July 10.

In 2006, the Americans won 61 percent of the 152 interleague games. Last year, the Americans won 54 percent and it seemed that perhaps the tide had turned. So, this year, the Americans won 59 percent, and it seems that 2007 rather than 2006 may have been the aberration. Why does this matter? Because if you're an American League team thinking about acquiring a National League player, you need to know the guy hasn't been facing top competition.

• Joe Posnanski's writing about the Hall of Fame's first class, as if we were starting over again. I was one of the "25 people" who responded to Joe's initial inquiry. My choices were Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams and Willie Mays. It's been argued that Babe Ruth would not be a great player if he were somehow reincarnated today. I happen to believe that's true. But the question's not who are the greatest players, or would be. The question is who belongs in the Hall of Fame, first. And I don't see how you have a Hall of Fame without Babe Ruth. (And now that I think of it, I don't see how you have a Hall of Fame without Satchel Paige, too. I'm just not sure whose place he should take.)