Wednesday Wangdoodles 

July, 16, 2008
• My friend Allen Barra -- who, by the way, is writing a book about Yogi Berra that's going to be the must-read baseball book next spring -- talked to Bob Costas about the last episode of "Costas Now," which immediately became infamous because of Buzz Bissinger's screed against bloggers and blogging. Anyway, Wednesday's show, about baseball since 1960, figures to go a bit more smoothly. And with MLB taking the night off, what would you rather watch?

• Alex Belth writes about Yankee Stadium II, and Doug Kriegel writes about selling hot dogs at Yankee Stadium I. Take-home from both: Maybe the good old days really weren't all that good.

• Was Dan Uggla's game the worst ever for an All-Star? He made three errors (though none of them led directly to an American League run), struck out three times, grounded into a double play and stranded six runners, all of them in the eighth inning or later. Without running through all 79 All-Star Games -- and by the way, the NL's still ahead 40-37-2 -- I'm going to assume it was. At least among hitters. Pitchers, though? In 1983, Atlee Hammaker gave up seven runs in 2/3 of an inning. In 1994, Tom Glavine gave up seven straight hits in the first inning. That must have been pretty embarrassing.