Wednesday Wangdoodles 

July, 23, 2008
• Me, yesterday: "If the Astros trade even one promising young player for Randy Wolf, it'll rank among the worst deals of the year."

Well, they've done it. And it might wind up looking like one of the worst deals of the year. Yes, Chad Reineke is 26 and still pitching in Triple-A. He's also struck out a batter per inning throughout his minor league career and is exactly the sort of pitcher the Padres like. The odds are against Reineke becoming a good major league starter, but he might be yet another of the organization's bullpen gems (here's DePo on the deal). Meanwhile, apparently Astros management sees their team as a legitimate contender. Glory be.

• I'm a little surprised that the Nationals couldn't get more for Jon Rauch than just Emilio Bonifacio (in this deal). Bonifacio's a decent enough prospect, but it's hard to get real excited about him. He's 23 and he's got a .735 OPS in the Pacific Coast League, and if he were in the majors right now he'd be one of the National League's two or three worst-hitting second basemen. Which is what he'll probably be next season when the Nationals give him the everyday job.