Three questions for Michael Lewis 

July, 24, 2008
In which Michael Lewis, author of the most influential book in sports history, leads off (what's supposed to be) a continuing series of interviews with some of the more interesting people I know …

Me: Moneyball (the book, not the idea!) continues, though published five years ago, to outsell nearly every other baseball book published since (including a few of mine). For a while we've been hearing rumors about a sequel of sorts … Are the rumors true? And if so, I'd like to recommend a couple of titles: The Bride of Moneyball and Abbott & Costello Meet Moneyball. (Those suggestions are free, by the way, because I like you.)

Michael: [Baseball book sales aren't what they used to be.] When I sold Moneyball I actually sold it as two books, because I knew my interest extended beyond the initial story of a big league baseball team looking for and exploiting market inefficiencies. I just a few days ago ran across the letter I sent back in 2002 to my publisher [Norton] announcing that I planned to write not just one book about baseball -- which in itself must have struck them as odd, as I'd never mentioned any interest in sports -- but two, and that the only reason I was writing the first was so I might write the second. As the second involved following a bunch of minor leaguers through their careers, I had no idea how long it would take or when it would feel ready to write. This made me feel satisfyingly artistic while at the same time relieving me of any responsibility to write anything. But now the book feels ready to write, and I've sworn to my publisher that it'll be ready to publish in the spring of 2010. Perhaps not surprisingly, I feel a lot less artistic.