Yankees explore deal for Reds' Dunn 

July, 25, 2008
Even with the trading deadline less than a week away, the Reds have had little action on Adam Dunn. But one club that spoke with the Reds says the Yankees have explored what it would take to plug Dunn into their revolving outfield/DH vacancies. The Reds, however, are continuing to ask teams for one top-of-the-line prospect and one second-tier prospect. And that's probably more than the Yankees are inclined to give up for Dunn.

Another Yankees update: Despite all sorts of reports about the likes of Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner being included in a deal for Jarrod Washburn, indications are that the Yankees view acquiring Washburn strictly as a goodwill mission to take Washburn's money (over $14 million) off the Mariners' books. So the Yankees aren't willing to offer low-level prospects unless Seattle A) agrees to eat some of the money and/or B) is willing to take Kei Igawa. So far, there's no sign that the Mariners are interested in either option. The Yankees also have deflected all Scott Boras efforts to extract an extension or relocation bonus if Washburn waves his no-trade clause to the Bronx.

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ESPN Senior Writer