Mets shift focus to Ibanez 

July, 26, 2008
With Xavier Nady and Casey Blake off the market, the Mets will turn their attention to Seattle's Raul Ibanez, whom they believe is their only remaining realistic option to acquire as an outfield bat.

Pittsburgh's Jason Bay remains a theoretical option, but clubs that have spoken with the Mets say they were more focused on Nady than Bay because of Nady's familiarity with playing in New York, and because they thought the asking price for Bay (four players) was excessive.

Even Ibanez might not be affordable, however, Seattle hasn't asked interested teams for specific names yet. The Mariners are one of many clubs saying that, because Ibanez projects as a Type-A free agent, they would want the equivalent of a first-round pick and a sandwich pick for him.

Jayson Stark | email

ESPN Senior Writer