Include Winn on Mets' outfield list 

July, 26, 2008
Add another name to the Mets' outfield shopping list -- the Giants' Randy Winn. According to one baseball man who has spoken with the Mets, the two teams have had some recent conversations about the 34-year-old switch-hitter, who's hitting .274 with a .342 on-base percentage and 19 steals in 20 tries.

An official of another club says, however, that he believes Winn is only a back-burner menu item for the Mets, so it's unlikely they'll pursue him aggressively between now and the deadline.

The biggest hang-up most teams have about Winn is that he's signed for next season at $8.125 million -- a salary that would rise by another $500,000 if he's dealt. Clubs that explored trading for Winn last winter and this spring said the Giants weren't inclined to take back any of his dollars. But teams that have spoken to them recently are reporting that's now a more negotiable item, depending on how attractive a package the Giants could get back by eating all or part of the contract.

Jayson Stark | email

ESPN Senior Writer