These Questions 3: Aaron Gleeman 

July, 31, 2008
In case you're wondering about the title for this segment, "These Questions 3" refers to a classic scene (video) in ""Monty Python and the Holy Grail," and "Aaron Gleeman" refers to Aaron Gleeman, who blogs about the Twins and others.

Me: I've been sort of obsessed with Francisco Liriano for the last few weeks. May I assume that there are many thousands of Twins fans who fantasize even more than I do about getting Liriano into the rotation and Livan Hernandez out? Especially after yet another debacle last night?

Aaron: I went to the aforementioned "debacle" last night at the Metrodome, hoping (praying?) to see Hernandez's final Twins start in person, and judging by the reactions from people sitting around me, I definitely wasn't alone. On the other hand, you'd be surprised by how many people are unwilling/unable to look beyond Hernandez's nice-looking win-loss record to see one of the worst starters in baseball. Each time I write about how bad Hernandez has been, the comments section of my blog is filled with people more or less defending him with phrases like "innings eater" and "veteran" and "doing what they expected him to do" and "keeping the Twins in games." Meanwhile, he ranks dead last or second-to-last in just about every major category among pitchers who qualify for the ERA title, and he's been brutal since a legitimately good start to the season. And people who read my blog tend to be more willing than most to think critically about the team and look beyond things like win-loss records, so you can imagine what it's like on talk radio or the local newspaper Web sites.