Cuban would be great fit to join Cubs' family 

August, 11, 2008
The sale of the Cubs hangs over Wrigley Field and under the refrain of "Go Cubs Go." Conventional thinking says Bud Selig will quilt together his selected group around John Canning; after all, the last time there was a sale without it being chosen and manipulated by Selig was when Arte Moreno bought the Angels, a transition that has been a boon to the Angels franchise and the game.

But there is increasing speculation that Sam Zell, the chairman and chief executive officer of the Tribune Company, is not going to allow the Commissioner's Office to puppeteer the sale, and that Mark Cuban is in this thing far deeper than Selig and White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf want to believe. NBA commissioner David Stern has told those associated with Cubs that Cuban is one of the NBA's best partners, and everyone appreciates that Cuban understands fans and marketing, and is one of the creative pioneers in the world of new media and would create a tremendous buzz throughout baseball that would be nothing but beneficial to the industry.

So he might yell at Joe West? George Steinbrenner did a lot worse to umpires, and what Steinbrenner did for baseball because of how he grew the Yankees will put him in Cooperstown and has put a lot of money in other owners' pockets.