Teams spending money on draft choices 

August, 20, 2008
The draft signing deadline passed Friday with a clear message: an increasing number of general managers have convinced their owners that listening to the commissioner's office about slot payments only rewards the big market teams. When Baseball America ran its list of how much each of the 30 teams spent in the first 10 rounds, the top 10 were, in order, the Royals, Rays, Red Sox, Giants, Pirates, Brewers, Rangers, Twins, Orioles and Astros.

In other words, other than the Red Sox, the teams that most need young players went out and spent, a tribute to owners who stopped listening to the attempts of the commissioner's office to institute an artificial scale that left Pittsburgh, Kansas City, San Francisco and Houston void of developmental talent.

"It is a tribute to our owners that they recognize that since we can't compete for the big free agents that this is one way we can compete for the best talent," says Indians general manager Mark Shapiro, who more than doubled the slot number to sign RHP Trey Haley with the 76th pick.