Monday Mendozas 

September, 8, 2008
• Remember what happened to the Mets on Aug. 26? Their bullpen gave up single runs in the eighth and ninth, then another in the 13th for an 8-7 loss to the Phillies. That dropped the Mets into second place, a half-game behind the Phils. Oh, how the pundits punded! The Mets don't have what it takes! They can't win with a bullpen like that!

I don't know who's going to win. But we might note in passing that, since that devastating loss, the Mets have won seven of 10 games. And that the bullpen has given up five runs in 32 innings. And that relievers have inherited 15 runners and just one has scored.

I'm not saying the Mets have a great bullpen. They don't, especially with Billy Wagner gone. But their bullpen isn't horrible. Never was. Anyway, most pennant races are decided by the hitters and the starting pitchers.