Sabathia comes back to Earth 

October, 2, 2008
Unofficially, the Milwaukee Brewers' season might have ended Thursday night at 6:53 p.m. ET when Shane Victorino drove one of CC Sabathia's fastballs over the left-field wall for a grand slam.

Remember, entering this series, the conventional wisdom was that the Phillies would win the first game behind Cole Hamels, the Brewers would win the second behind Sabathia and then if the Brewers could somehow scratch out a win in Game 3 or 4, Sabathia would come back in Game 5 and the Brewers might squeak past the obviously superior Phillies.

But now -- and I'm writing this in the bottom of the fourth inning, with much baseball yet to come -- it looks like the Brewers are practically dead. And I wish I'd predicted it would happen so soon.