Monday Mendozas 

October, 6, 2008
An abbreviated Link-O-Rama today, as I'm still recovering from last night's tension-fest

• Speaking of which, after Erick Aybar pushed Jacoby Ellsbury off second base, Chip Caray said, "So, no Kent Hrbek play at second base with Aybar and Ellsbury. He overslides the bag; he had it stolen easily."

All due respect, I can't fathom what Caray meant by that. It was almost exactly the Kent Hrbek play, except it was at second base instead of first base, and instead of Hrbek pulling Ron Gant off the base, Aybar pushed off Ellsbury. If you watch the replay closely, you'll see that Ellsbury, while he did overslide, might well have maintained his balance on second base -- after all, we're talking about a world-class athlete here -- if Aybar hadn't given him a few helpful pounds of pressure. I can't locate the specific rule involved and I know Angels fans are going to scream at me about this, but I do believe that if the umpire had perfect knowledge of what happened at second base, Ellsbury would have been safe.