Dodgers are trendy pick, but Phillies are better 

October, 8, 2008
The Good Phight's David S. Cohen offers ten things you might not know about the Phillies. My favorites:

    3. The Phillies had the best road record in the NL this year. The Phillies were 7 games over .500 for a 44-37 record on the road. The Cubs, the best team in the NL during the regular season, were second with a 42-38 record. The Phillies' road record was second in the majors only to the Angels, who were an incredible 50-31 on the road. The Dodgers were 9 games under .500 on the road, or 36-45.

    5. Since the Manny trade, the Phillies, at 34-21, have had a much better record than the Dodgers, at 30-25. Much is being made in the press about how Manny Ramirez turned the Dodgers' season around. That may be true, but since he played his first game as a Dodger on July 31, the Dodgers went 30-25 for a .545 winning percentage. He apparently had a much bigger effect on the Phillies, who went 34-21 for a .618 winning percentage since the trade.