Is Maddon being too smart for Rays' good? 

October, 27, 2008
Game 4 wound up being a laugher, with the Phillies crushing the Rays in an October edition of Home Run Derby. But the first three games were close, and any of them might have been determined by the managers. Color Mitchel Lichtman unimpressed. A sample:

    It might just be my perception, but the likely winner of the AL manager of the year, Joe Maddon, and the NL manager who will probably receive a few votes, Charlie Manuel, are just butchering the game, on an almost inning-by-inning basis.

    Let's forget about the games in the past. They have been aptly analyzed by the good folks here and on other web sites. I'll focus only on last night's game, Game 3 of the World Series. That will give me plenty of fodder.