Wednesday Wangdoodles 

October, 29, 2008
• Ready for a bit of Baseball History 101? In the Times, Alan Schwarz reviews the role that rain has played in World Series past. (One sorry situation that Schwarz doesn't mention: 1925's Game 7, which was played in appalling conditions, with steady rain beginning in the fifth inning that left much of a field a quagmire and played a big role in the Pirates' 9-7 win over the Washington Senators and Walter Johnson.)

• Monday night the Phillies' clubhouse was the angriest place on earth, Michael Radano writes. He offers five reasons, including:

    2. The Phillies held a 2-1 lead heading into the sixth as the rain continued to fall and rivers formed throughout the infield. The grounds crew -- already working beyond the call of duty -- did their best but as the inning wore on the field worsened. B.J. Upton hit an infield single that Jimmy Rollins had in the tip of his glove. Normal conditions, inning over. In these, Upton reached base, stole second and then scored on a flare into left field.