Some teams reluctant to part with prospects 

July, 25, 2009
Whether it's the Philadelphia gang that Toronto requires for Roy Halladay, or Clay Buchholz that the Indians insist upon for Victor Martinez, or the gaggle of prospects the Pirates have indicated they need to move Zach Duke, the songs remain the same. The small-market teams say they think the big-market teams overvalue prospects, and with the exception of the Red Sox and perhaps another couple of teams, one general manager after another says "there isn't any money out there."

In the Matt Holliday case, manager Tony La Russa was able to convince Cardinals ownership that, in the words of Tom Petty, "it's the wrong thing to do/but I don't care"; tomorrow may never come.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman argues that he doesn't overvalue prospects, which is why he has Phil Hughes pitching like the American League's best eighth-inning reliever, Melky Cabrera in center, Nick Swisher (obtained for Jeffrey Marquez, another pitcher in the package the Twins would've required for Johan Santana) in right and CC Sabathia on the mound, all in lieu of Santana.