New ballpark sparks questions for Twins in 2010 

November, 18, 2009
It's not that anyone ever liked the place. Few seats were positioned directly at the pitcher and hitter, and the sight lines never seemed right. A baggy? Players covering their heads after losing pop flies in the great mainsail in the sky? At its worst it was, as Dave Lemonds once said, like playing with marbles in a bathtub.

Justin Morneau


Joe Mauer


In the '80s, businesses bought up tickets to keep the Twins in Minneapolis, and in the 21st century, owner Carl Pohlad agreed to have them contracted. That said, we may never have had two consecutive nights of pure drama greater than Games 6 and 7 of the 1991 World Series, or had our hearing more impaired than in the 1987 World Series or watched a small-market team come up with more stars from Bert Blyleven to Frank Viola, Kirby Puckett to Kent Hrbek to Justin Morneau to Joe Mauer.

Tom Kelly and Ron Gardenhire have taught and managed a particular Twins way, and the front office handed down from Andy MacPhail to Terry Ryan to Bill Smith has operated consistently, with unusual respect and deference to the scouting and development people in the field.