INDIANAPOLIS -- The Chone Figgins signing with Seattle should be announced Monday, and sometime this week the Cubs should trade Milton Bradley to Tampa Bay for Pat Burrell. Then they'll figure out where to place Burrell. Marlon Byrd could get signed away from Texas, and there may be a run on starting pitchers not named John Lackey or Roy Halladay -- proven starters like Joel Pineiro, Randy Wolf, Jon Garland and Vicente Padilla.

Most of the club officials got here late Sunday, which means face-to-face discussions are beginning. While the free-agent market is dominated by Matt Holliday, Jason Bay and Lackey, one general manager said Sunday, "My pick for the biggest free-agent surprise in terms of a contract bigger than some might have thought is Joel Pineiro. Since he changed his arm slot and became a dominant sinkerballer, he's been great."

Pineiro led the majors in double plays induced (33). He allowed one steal all season; granted, Yadier Molina was his catcher, but 1-for-5 is remarkable, and he had the highest ground-ball percentage. Thanks be to thee, Dave Duncan.