Jeter, other shortstop value 

March, 29, 2007
Just how far would you go to keep a player you've had for a decade, or most of his career? Well, in my oldest keeper league I have had Derek Jeter for a long time. OK, maybe that's understating it. I've had Jeter on my team in that league since 1998, which is, of course, three seasons into the Yankee captain's career. No idea how I got him or for what.

However, in this particular league we aim to curtail owners doing exactly this, holding onto a player forever, by charging owners real money if they never share. I'm not sure what the exact process is, which is made clear by the fact I owe the most money in the league for keepers, but after three years or so you start paying in increments, a few bucks more each season. For the cost of Jeter, I could indulge in a delicious filet mignon at a fine steak house.

Is that really worth it? I do get e-mails about this topic from time to time, about how to handle stagnancy in keeper leagues and I know some of you have interesting rules about what you do to create player movement. In another of my leagues we allow a certain number of players to be kept who have at least six years of major league service. My advice in those leagues: Get lots of young pitching! What does your league do?